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Hmm Felt Like Checking THis April 15, 2009

Posted by eminemshomie in Kewl Things.
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I was bored today on spring break at 11:21 at night, and  iwas like i wonder if cp blogs are around. After awhile i got on my account on wordpress. I read all the comments and well i have some news. I dont play cp i guess u could say i “grew up” but if u still like it thats no worries. I play a bunch of games but baseball is going strong since im in PONY now. I play StarCrat, Freestyle Basketball, Gunz on the cpu, XBOX Live ( Call of duty4, MLB2k9, Madden 09, etc.) my Gamertag is SoCalUnleashed so u can add me but send a message with it saying who u are. And so like my email is jefftfox@hotmail.com so email me if u have any questions and spike havent heard from u for a while so if u r reading this hit me up bro. Pce HOW DO I POST THIS OMG lol so complicating now


Hey Guys, May 26, 2008

Posted by eminemshomie in Random Things.

I am sorta back… I dont really play cp anymore but i do play freestyle which is a bball game on the cpu, google it and dl it my id is DAmOB. Thanks to the few who still visit my site

Ok everyone October 6, 2007

Posted by eminemshomie in good news, Spikey700 war!.

I have not posted lately becuz i have been busy with school work but i do have important news, a new war is on against spikey700, heres the story- spikey700 wants to hack chewits blog and destroy the cpsct he asked me to help, i said no and he tried to delete my blog. But i beat him to it and removed him from admins and now i stole his blog, i now own his blog.


Yadaaaaaddaaayadaaa i feel like a fricken 5 year old with all this cp stuff and gangs and glitches and hacks and wars and tipping the iceburg.

HOLAGURRL25 IS A BIT** September 24, 2007

Posted by eminemshomie in Kewl Things.

This is my little coversation with holagurrl25 plz note it is censored

DAmOB k9 (4:25:47 PM): hey
DAmOB k9 (4:26:37 PM): hello?
xXhOlAguRrL25Xx (4:41:00 PM): hi
DAmOB k9 (4:41:18 PM): now i kno how u feel
DAmOB k9 (4:41:25 PM): not being able to go on cp
DAmOB k9 (4:41:32 PM): wont work for me
xXhOlAguRrL25Xx (4:41:41 PM): idc about cp
DAmOB k9 (4:41:38 PM): …
DAmOB k9 (4:41:39 PM): y
xXhOlAguRrL25Xx (4:41:49 PM): cuz its boring
DAmOB k9 (4:41:48 PM): can i have ur penguin?
DAmOB k9 (4:41:49 PM): lol
xXhOlAguRrL25Xx (4:42:09 PM): why did u put lol after that?
xXhOlAguRrL25Xx (4:42:11 PM): its not funny
DAmOB k9 (4:42:05 PM): cause
xXhOlAguRrL25Xx (4:42:17 PM): u jsut put that so u think ur joking
DAmOB k9 (4:42:11 PM): i kno ull say no
xXhOlAguRrL25Xx (4:42:19 PM): when ur not joking
xXhOlAguRrL25Xx (4:42:20 PM): u want it
xXhOlAguRrL25Xx (4:42:23 PM): and ur a selfish pig
xXhOlAguRrL25Xx (4:42:27 PM): so im gonna block u
DAmOB k9 (4:42:20 PM): …
DAmOB k9 (4:42:22 PM): y
xXhOlAguRrL25Xx (4:42:31 PM): if u knew i wasn’t going to give it, why ask
xXhOlAguRrL25Xx (4:42:34 PM): cuz ur a jerk thast why
DAmOB k9 (4:42:30 PM): lol
xXhOlAguRrL25Xx (4:42:37 PM): who onl ythinks about himself
xXhOlAguRrL25Xx (4:42:41 PM): and who ca res too much about a lame game
DAmOB k9 (4:42:35 PM): jeez phsycho
DAmOB k9 (4:42:38 PM): fu** u
xXhOlAguRrL25Xx (4:42:46 PM): lol
DAmOB k9 (4:42:41 PM): bi***
xXhOlAguRrL25Xx (4:42:51 PM): do ueven know what fu** means?
xXhOlAguRrL25Xx (4:42:53 PM): lol prob not
xXhOlAguRrL25Xx (4:42:54 PM): loser
DAmOB k9 (4:42:48 PM): yea i do
DAmOB k9 (4:42:52 PM): bl** me wh***
xXhOlAguRrL25Xx (4:43:00 PM): ur a loser in real life, aren’t u?
xXhOlAguRrL25Xx (4:43:06 PM): ha ha i bet u WANT sum1 yo bl** u
DAmOB k9 (4:43:08 PM): go fu** a donkey
xXhOlAguRrL25Xx (4:43:16 PM): no one will EVER bl** u ur probably a 40 yr old man w/ no pe***
DAmOB k9 (4:43:14 PM): yea
DAmOB k9 (4:43:16 PM): im 13
DAmOB k9 (4:43:20 PM): but nice try
DAmOB k9 (4:43:24 PM): sl**
xXhOlAguRrL25Xx (4:43:37 PM): ha ha ur a sl** on steriods
xXhOlAguRrL25Xx signed off at 4:43:33 PM.
xxholagurrl25xx is offline and will receive your IMs when signing back in.
DAmOB k9 (4:43:33 PM): go je** with ur daddy
DAmOB k9 (4:43:48 PM): SL** SL** SL**

PARTY August 21, 2007

Posted by eminemshomie in good news, Kewl Things.

Im Eminemshomy having a birthday party for me. I am turning 12 the party will be thursday.

DATE: Thursday August 23

TIME: 1:00 cp time

SERVER: Server arctic third page of us.

WHERE: My igloo on map than to other places



Hey, August 8, 2007

Posted by eminemshomie in good news, Kewl Things, Sad News.
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I am going on Vacation from Wednesday (today) to next Wednesday, The highlight of my vacation will be going to see the Red Sox at Fenway, I have asked Pete993 to take care of my penguin, spike i tried to get in touch with u but it didnt work out. See you all next wednesday

VOTE FOR ME August 2, 2007

Posted by eminemshomie in good news.

VOTE FOR ME PLZ PLZ PLZ  http://pengofthemonth.wordpress.com/2007/08/03/match-4/

Wow July 31, 2007

Posted by eminemshomie in Sad News.
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Happy Philly i am sorry one of my moderators has approved that comment plz emial me with ur new password at jefftfox@hotmail.com

Hey, July 30, 2007

Posted by eminemshomie in good news, Kewl Things.
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Hey guys plz visit lakilester birbble if u dont he may shut it down, here is the link


Protected: Tanner July 29, 2007

Posted by eminemshomie in Kewl Things.
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